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Latest exam updates

Practical Session 2 Update – Oman

We appreciate how much the cancellation of our exams has affected learners and we’re working hard on solutions to ensure they can gain their qualifications at the earliest opportunity. However, on the basis of official and local advice we will be postponing the entry period for Session 2 Practical exams and we will provide an update about the exams scheduled for November - December as soon as we can.

We will provide updates about future exams sessions as soon as we can and our Representative will provide further guidance in due course.

We are very sorry for the impact on teachers and candidates and thank you for your loyalty and support at this difficult time.









  • 考生必须表演指定曲目,至少20分钟。指定曲目选自ARSM考试曲目单
  • 考生可以表演自选曲目,(最多10分钟)。请注意:
    • 自选曲目应达到ABRSM第8级水平或以上;
    • 任何自选曲目不需要获得ABRSM事先批准;
    • 木管、铜管乐器和声乐考生的休息时间必须从这10分钟里扣除。
    • 指定曲目(选自ARSM考试曲目单)与自选曲目相比,不占有任何优势。
  • 曲目内容应多样,并保持均衡,其中包含:
    • 各种情绪、调性和速度;
    • 至少两首(时期或风格)对比鲜明的乐曲、或大型作品的乐章;
    • 同一作曲家的作品不能多于一首(ARSM考试曲目单中列出的声乐曲目或选自某一作曲家合集的乐章/乐曲组合除外)。
  • ARSM考试曲目单中,在同一编号下列出的大型作品的乐章/乐曲组合,应全部演出。
  • 考生应完整演出所有作品/乐章,但可自行判断是否略去协奏曲或其他作品的合奏乐段,或加上华彩乐段。
  • 考生应遵守在考试曲目单开头列出的任何其他指示。




  • 考生姓名和(主要)乐器
  • 曲目编号,针对选自ARSM考试曲目单的指定曲目(自选曲目可标上破折号(–)
  • 作曲家姓名,以及编曲者/改编者姓名(如适用)
  • 每首表演曲目的详细信息,包括
    • 乐曲/大型作品的名称
    • 目录号(如有)——作品编号、巴赫作品目录(BWV)、莫扎特作品目录(K.),等等
    • 单独乐章/乐段的详情
    • 自选曲目所用的版本
  • 木管、铜管乐器和声乐考生计划在什么时候休息,以及休息时长
  • 每首乐曲的大概表演时长(大型作品应细分至每个乐章/乐段)
  • 整个演出的总时长,其中包括曲目间的间歇及稍长休息(如适用)







Explanatory videos

For more information about putting your programme together, watch these videos.

Exam music and editions

Where the repertoire lists include an arrangement or transcription, you should use the edition listed; in all such cases the abbreviation ‘arr.’ or ‘trans.’ appears in the entry.

For all other pieces, the editions quoted in the repertoire lists are recommendations only and you can use any edition of their choice (in- or out-of-print or downloadable).

All own-choice repertoire should exist in a published edition (either in print or downloadable), which you should indicate on the programme form.

Grade 8 prerequisite

To be eligible for an ARSM exam, candidates need to have passed ABRSM Grade 8 in the instrument being presented. A number of alternative qualifications are also accepted in place of an ABRSM Grade 8. Similarly, a Grade 8 in a closely-related instrument is accepted. For more information about the prerequisite, please see the FAQ page.

For more information on how ARSM moves candidates on from Grade 8, here's an explanatory video.

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